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Tyranny is tyranny and should be stopped
by admin

06 Jan, 2013


The most surprising thing to me is how quickly attitudes and habits change when people are asked to do the right thing. After just a few weeks Replica Hermes Birkin Bags, the plastic bag policy at Henry’s market stand had become old news. We had lost some customers, to be sure, but we had fostered greater loyalty from many more..

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hermes bags replica I applaud the number of terrorist attacks that have been thwarted before they could come to fruition here at home and I mourn the few that did succeed. How is pulling out of the war vs ISIS and abolishing C51 without any clear alternative going to protect Canada at home or help restore order globally? What are the options, other than sendin bags of rice and blankets being offered by Libs or NDP. Tyranny is tyranny and should be stopped. hermes bags replica

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