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There’s an all new Astra set for local launch in November
by admin

09 Apr, 2013


I had a telegram from the home: Mother passed away. Funeral tomorrow. Yours sincerely.’ That doesn’t mean anything. Who ever writes your speeches Borrett? What a load of twaddle you know that the stuff you recycle at the moment is destined for the incinerator. Improve recycling rates my back side. It will be interesting to see if the facts and figures quoted here add up or if they are a case of think of a number, multiply it by X take away Y and if that doesn’t give the answer you wish add another Z.

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pandora charms Her vision was 6/9 in the right eye and 6/5 in the left. She had severe papilloedema with associated haemorrhages and cotton wool spots, more so in the right eye. A magnetic resonance imaging scan of the brain was normal. Vital statistics: 4696mm long pandora necklaces, 1443mm high, 2695mm wheelbase, luggage capacity 280 380 litres (roof closed/open), 20 inch alloy wheels with 245/40 tyres.We like: Still super stylish, snug soft top, well equipped.We don’t like: Weight blunts performance and handling, messy previous generation cabin design.The Holden Cascada is a car out of time in more ways than one.At the risk of stating the obvious, Cascada is a convertible version of the Astra a European model that was launched in New Zealand last year, near the end of its model life as Holden moved to expand its horizons and broaden its product sourcing options.There’s an all new Astra set for local launch in November, in five door form. While the current Cascada will continue for at least two years, it’ll be well out of step with the design and technology of the new model, which is the reigning European Car of the Year.That’s the first issue. The second is that convertibles in general have fallen out of favour. pandora charms

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