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The audio equipment retailer prides itself on making audio
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06 Sep, 2012


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pandora charms In addition to the attractive price range on audio equipment, online shoppers who are unable to visit the hands on recording studio, can also benefit from the great informational resource such as help with home studio set up, room acoustics and recording vocals.The Dragon Audio team is made up of experienced musicians, producers and people who can offer practical user advice. The team is proud to be able to connect with today’s musicians, producers and performers in their state of the art South showroom, as well as through online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.ABOUT THE COMPANY:Dragon Audio Ltd is a UK based independent online retailer specialising in a wide range of audio equipment and audio software for schools, recording studios, music producers, musicians, media agencies and more. The Dragon Audio website offers speedy delivery across the UK and its new studio showroom (available by appointment) is conveniently located within South.The audio equipment retailer prides itself on making audio software and hardware purchase a hassle free process for organisations and individuals, and provides professional advice along with competitive prices.0208 835 0059.. pandora charms

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