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Button was provided an opportunity to arrange for bail but
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25 Dec, 2012


We were sitting in a locker room that smelled like it had hosted a couple of generations of teenage boys, and Roger Barta was telling me about the high school football program he had built in this town that he loved: Smith Center, Kansas. He was sixty two years old and wore a red T shirt that puffed out like a tent over a beach ballshaped belly. Coach Barta’s gray nylon shorts were baggy and hung down to his knees, concealing tree trunk sized thighs, his red visor accenting his gray brush cut and silver walrus moustache.

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replica oakleys 23. Police stopped a vehicle on Route 202 for a headlight malfunction during which the officer learned that the passenger, Phillip Button of Washington, had an outstanding warrant for $380 out of Washington. Button was provided an opportunity to arrange for bail but refused and he was then turned over to Washington police and sent to jail, police said. replica oakleys

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