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Box 609, Purvis, MS 39475, Attention: Jennifer Hession
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10 Nov, 2012


“I’ve gotten to know him the last couple of years and became friendly with him through our reputation in the business. We’ve handled a lot of athletes’ collections over the years.”Lest devoted Yount followers worry that he has fallen on hard times and needs the money, Kohler quickly noted the two time MVP merely is downsizing via a method nearly everyone can relate to moving into a newhouse. Anyone who has done that even one time can attest the fewerboxes to unpack, the better.”He’s doing fine; he’s doing great,” said Kohler, who expects the total Yount collection toreach six figures in bids.

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Armstrong ate dinner with the Neals, including their three children, several times a week. It was nothing fancy sometimes just slow cooked beans eaten with plastic utensils out of mismatched mugs, as if they were on a camping trip. But they were a family..

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