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25 Apr, 2012


However, in other cases a regular antenna may be too weak to amplify the digital signal. Using an amplified indoor antenna with an adapter may help make a digital HDTV signal stronger, especially if you live in a large city where the television stations are nearby. However, if you live out in the country, the digital signal may be too weak to be received by your HDTV.

Blair. “Aadhaar project would use today’s latest and modern technology,” said Dr. Singh. Our findings were consistent regardless of whether statins were used for primary or secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Although similar results were observed when statins were grouped by potency, the risk of incident diabetes associated with use of rosuvastatin became non significant (adjusted hazard ratio 1.01, 0.94 to 1.09) when dose was taken into account.Conclusions Compared with pravastatin, treatment with higher potency statins, especially atorvastatin and simvastatin, might be associated with an increased risk of new onset diabetes.IntroductionHydroxymethyl glutaryl coenzyme A (HMG CoA) reductase inhibitors (statins) are among the most widely prescribed drugs, with established benefits in patients at risk of cardiovascular events.1 Although statins are tolerated well by most patients, an association with new onset diabetes has recently been suggested.2 In the JUPITER (justification for the use of statins in prevention: an intervention trial evaluating rosuvastatin) trial, rosuvastatin was associated with a 27% increased risk of new onset diabetes compared with placebo.3 An increased risk compared with placebo was also observed with atorvastatin and simvastatin.4 5 6 7 In contrast, the West of Scotland coronary prevention study (WOSCOPS) suggested that patients taking pravastatin faced a 30% lower risk of diabetes compared with placebo (relative risk 0.7, 95% confidence interval 0.5 to 0.99).8In light of these discordant results, several meta analyses have attempted to characterize the risk of new onset diabetes during treatment with statins.9 10 11 12 13 Limited data, however, exist for direct comparisons of individual statins.11 12 14 Despite these conflicting findings, some evidence supports the notion that different statins might impart differential risks of diabetes.2 7 15 In animal models, pravastatin has been shown to increase adiponectin, improving insulin sensitivity and inhibiting gluconeogenesis, while simvastatin reduces insulin secretion, and atorvastatin and lovastatin impair glucose tolerance.2 7 15 16 For these reasons, in February 2012 the United States Food and Drug Administration mandated labeling changes for all statins except pravastatin.17 18We examined the healthcare records of more than 1.5 million older people from Ontario, Canada, to examine the association between individual statin use and new onset diabetes.MethodsStudy designWe conducted a population based retrospective cohort study in patients aged 66 and older in Ontario, Canada, who started treatment with a statin from 1 August 1997 to 31 March 2010.Data sourcesWe used linked administrative healthcare databases for identification of cohorts, assessment of comorbidity pandora charms, and ascertainment of outcome. We used the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) database, a computerized pharmacy records system that records prescription drugs dispensed to Ontario residents aged over 65.

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