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“Your attitude determines your altitude

27 Feb 2013

Zimmerman finished with seven kills.Zimmerman led my offense, Leverenz said. Super competitive. She blocked well. "For everybody on this team, it has brought a real sense of togetherness and really an ...

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You got the likes of Mark Cavendish

13 Feb 2013

By the time a teacher at Susan Taylor's school contacted her parents to tell them their 14 year old daughter had been sexually groomed by an online predator, she had spent thousands of hours communica ...

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I for one will not go to watch it

09 Feb 2013

I dont think the world wants or even needs another version of Pride and Prejudice. I for one will not go to watch it. There is only one Mr Darcy and that is Colin Firth. Differentiates You From Your P ...

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Maybe it just general positiveness you know

14 Feb 2013

Search for jobs in the free LinkedIn online job listings. Not only can you create an impressive resume on LinkedIn, but you can also develop an online portfolio which includes links to your blog, your ...

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