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I used to have a good solid marriage

02 Dec 2012

The major problems are Keloids that are raised scars. Not all of us develop keloids. But some of us those develop feel very embarrassing about keloids.. "At that point, there was still a lot of panick ...

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We went into this season saying to ourselves

17 Dec 2012

The term has always been a misnomer, making it sound like were it not for the Israeli Palestinian dispute, the Middle East would be all peace and harmony. The Economist once ran "A Chronology of the M ...

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We review the current literature

06 Dec 2012

Des Barres says she never talks size, but Hamzy has no such qualms, quickly labeling Huey Lewis owner of the biggest cock and Peter Frampton, the tiniest. These women are all just so sweet seeming and ...

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